Wirral dog walks, great places to walk your dog in Wirral

Does your dog like running through the woods or splashing in the sea? Here are great places to walk your dog in Wirral.

Wirral is bursting with things to do, dog-friendly spots and lovely walks. It has everything from coastal views to woodland trails and vast open fields. So, take your pick and enjoy the outdoors. Here are great places to walk your dog in Wirral.

Royden Park, Frankby

  • What type of walk? Woodland, open grass area, flat walks.
  • What’s there? Cafe, toilets, miniature railway, woodland trails.
  • Is there parking? There is a car park, and parking charges apply.
Royden Park is great for dog walking.
Royden Park is popular with dog walkers at weekends, and mid-week is a quiet spot amongst the woodland.

This is a fantastic location for dog walks in Wirral. The park has a variety of trails through woodlands, meadows, and heathland, which are exciting for both dogs and their owners. 

The park has deciduous and conifer woodlands, meadows, fishing grounds, and wetlands. Roodee Mere, one of the park’s highlights, contains water all year round and is accessible to the Association of Wirral Angling Clubs license holders for fishing.

There is also a large open grass area where children can play freely, and families can enjoy a picnic, so just be mindful of others when letting your dog run off steam!

Royden Park woodland.
Beautiful Royden Park.

During the Summer bank holidays, model train enthusiasts run a miniature railway. One of my best childhood memories is riding this train in the Summer! Art and craft fairs are also held during bank holiday weekends, so check the notice boards when you visit. 

The Courtyard Cafe in Royden Park is dog-friendly

Stop by the Courtyard Cafe, an outdoor cafe that serves various hot and cold drinks, sandwiches, pastries, cakes, ice cream, and more for a drink or a snack. We love grabbing a hot chocolate from here before an Autumn woodland walk.

Royden Park, Hill Bark Rd, Frankby, Birkenhead, Wirral CH48 1NP

The Marine Lake, West Kirby 

  • What type of walk? Flat, pathway, promenade, coastal views.
  • What’s there? Cafes and restaurants are nearby, as well as toilets and a beach.
  • Is there parking? Free parking along the promenade and a car park with parking charges. 
Dog on West Kirby Marine Lake.
The walk around the Marine Lake is a flat, easy walk.

Head to Marine Lake in West Kirby for a flat, easy circular walk. The lake covers 52 acres and is surrounded by a beautiful promenade. The walk around the lake is around 2.3 km and takes under 30 minutes. It’s one of my favourites for accessibility and views. You have the lake on one side and the beach/Welsh mountains in the distance on the other; it’s just gorgeous!

Arlo the Cockerpoo enjoying Red Rocks.
Arlo enjoying Red Rocks.

You can participate in various water activities like sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, and paddleboarding. However, if you prefer to stay on land, there are plenty of benches to relax and take in the stunning views of North Wales. 

Slinky’s in West Kirby is dog-friendly

We love visiting Slinkys in West Kirby after a walk with the dog, especially when they have homemade scouse on the menu! It’s a lovely spot where you can get a little lunch, a hot drink, a cake, or something stronger on a sunny afternoon. It’s a popular place to visit in West Kirby if you have your dog.

To extend your walk, continue to Caldy Beach/Cubbin’s Green or let your dogs run on West Kirby Beach and then walk to Red Rocks.

West Kirby Marine Lake, 33 S Parade, West Kirby, Wirral CH48 0QG

New Brighton Beach, Wallasey

  • What type of walk? Flat, promenade, sand, coastal views.
  • What’s there? Cafes and restaurants are nearby, as well as a beach.
  • Is there parking? Free parking along the promenade and a free car park.
Dog and child at New Brighton beach.
There is lots of sand to play on in New Brighton.

We love New Brighton Beach in Wallasey, it is a fantastic place to take your dog for a walk. This beautiful beach is one of the most dog-friendly spots in the Wirral, with a vast stretch of sand where your dog can run and play. If your dog loves the sea, they can dip and splash around in the water (just be cautious of jellyfish!). 

Dog and family at New Brighton beach.
Poppy at New Brighton Beach.

After a fun-filled day at the beach with your dog, there are many cafes and pubs nearby where you can grab a bite to eat or a refreshing drink. 

Marino Lounge in New Brighton is dog-friendly

Our favourite is Marino Lounge, which is laid-back and serves excellent brunch dishes. The staff is friendly, and there’s always colouring books, games, and toys for little ones to keep them entertained while you relax. 

The Promenade, New Brighton, Ian Fraser Walk, New Brighton, Wallasey CH45 2NW

Wirral Country Park, Thurstaston

  • What type of walk? Park, grass, coastal path, sandy beach, coastal views.
  • What’s there? Cafe nearby, and a beach.
  • Is there parking? There is a large car park, and parking charges apply.
Pug on Thurstaston Beach.
One happy boy on Thurstaston Beach.

Wirral Country Park is a beautiful parkland with woodland, plenty of grass space, and picnic areas. It is a popular spot for dog walkers and companies. You may encounter many people and dogs off leads, which can be great for socialising with your furry friend in a relaxed environment with limited roads. 

If you still need to train your dog off the lead, there are a few large fields near the car park where you can use a long-line lead. 

Thurstaston Beach is also lovely to visit with your dog. Always be aware of the tide times so you are not caught by rising water.

A take away coffee and Wirral Country Park.
A takeaway coffee and a dog walk are the perfect combo.

The alternative option is walking on the Wirral Way instead of the beach. This option is perfect if you want a long, scenic walk by the beach with your dog without getting sandy paws! We like to walk through to Thurstaston from West Kirby.

Flissy’s Coffee Shop in Thurstaston is dog-friendly

If you’re looking for refreshments, Flissy’s Coffee Shop is next to the park’s car park, just off the Wirral Way. They offer a diverse menu with plenty of options for everyone’s taste buds, including kids and dogs. Their vegan and vegetarian dishes are unique and have a wide range of gluten-free treats. I love their vibrant outdoor seating area, perfect for relaxing in the sun. The staff are friendly and welcoming, and the food is always presented well and tastes delicious. 

Wirral Country Park, Station Rd, Thurstaston, Wirral CH61 0HN

Hoylake Beach, Hoylake

  • What type of walk? Promenade, sandy beach, coastal views.
  • What’s there? Cafes, restaurants and a beach.
  • Is there parking? Free parking along the promenade.
We love Hoylake Beach as much as Arlo!
We love Hoylake Beach as much as Arlo!

Of course, I have to include Hoylake! It’s my home and my go-to spot for a beach walk with my Auntie’s dog, especially during the Summer; the sunsets here are spectacular. The sun sets into the water in the distance.

Hoylake Beach is a popular destination for dog owners due to its long stretch of clean, sandy beach and clear waters. It’s also a great spot for dogs to socialise.

Arlo on Hoylake Beach.
Beautiful Hoylake Beach, Wirral.

The promenade is long and perfect for a walk if you want to avoid going onto the sand. So next time you find yourself in Hoylake, take the time to watch the sunset with your dog – you won’t regret it!

Map Coffee & Lounge in Hoylake is dog-friendly

One of Hoylakes newest little cafes, Map Coffee & Lounge, is lovely. The coffee is fantastic, and they also serve cakes, breakfast, lunch, and evening meals. We have visited a few times with a dog, and the owners are so friendly and lovely to speak to. Check it out if you’re in the area.

Hoylake Beach, Wirral CH47 3AL

Bidston Hill, Bidston

  • What type of walk? Woodland, field, some uphill paths.
  • What’s there? Bidston Hill Windmill, Tam O’Shanter farm and cafe are nearby.
  • Is there parking? Car park and roadside parking nearby.
Bidston Hill Windmill.
Bidston Hill Windmill.

I think Bidston Hill is an excellent place for walking dogs in Wirral because it offers a variety of paths through woods and over a field, which is perfect for exploring. There are many different routes, so you can switch it up each time you visit. 

The hill offers some views of Liverpool and the Wirral from the top and a pretty windmill for a great photo opportunity with your dog. Dogs love running around the trees here and exploring the rocky terrain. 

Tam O Shanter Farm in Wirral.
Tam O’Shanter Farm in Wirral.

Tam O’Shanter Farm nearby allows dogs on leads 

I have been visiting the Tam O Shanter farm since I was very young, and it has always been a lovely way to spend the day with family. It’s still a free farm to visit and great for incorporating into a day out. They are dog-friendly; keep your dog on a lead when visiting, and be mindful of the animals.

A charitable trust runs the farm, which provides kids and adults with an enjoyable and educational experience. The farm also features an on-site cafe and two lovely play areas to entertain the kids.

Bidston Hill, Birkenhead, Prenton CH43 7FE

Walk the Wirral Way Circular Trail

Wirral Way Path.

The Wirral Way is a scenic trail that follows the path of an old railway line from West Kirby to Hooton along the River Dee. With stunning views of the Welsh coastline, it’s a popular destination for cyclists (as part of National Cycle Route 56) and hikers. Along the way, there are plenty of towns with cafes and pubs to stop and take a break. While the total length of the trail from Ashton Park in West Kirby to Hooton is over 13 miles, there are shorter routes along the way that are equally impressive.

Wirral Way

The Wirral offers so many fantastic dog-walking locations. It’s hard to pick just a few, but these are my favourites. I love the Marine Lake for a short walk to meet friends and enjoy lunch or a coffee afterwards, and I love Wirral Country Park for a longer walk with gorgeous views. Hopefully, I have inspired you to try one of these lovely locations. You can let me know in the comments!

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