West Kirby Marine Lake, all you need to know

West Kirby Marine Lake is a hub for water sports and leisure activities, the ideal place for a walk or a jog and a dream for photographers. This article covers all you need to know about the Marine Lake.

The Marine Lake covers 52 acres and is surrounded by a promenade. You can participate in various activities here, including sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, and paddleboarding. However, we love simply walking around the promenade and admiring a sunset the most. For those who prefer to stay on land, there is plenty of benches to sit back and take in the stunning views of North Wales. Here’s all you need to know about the Marine Lake in West Kirby.

Location and getting to the Marine Lake, West Kirby

West Kirby Marine Lake is located in West Kirby, on the Wirral Peninsula in Merseyside, England. It is situated on the northwest coast, overlooking the Irish Sea. The lake is part of the Dee Estuary, a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and a Special Protection Area (SPA).

West Kirby Marine Lake Path.
The Marine Lake in West Kirby is easily accessible via road, rail and bus.

West Kirby is easily accessible by road, rail, and bus. The nearest motorway is the M53, which connects with the M56 and M6. West Kirby railway station is on the Wirral Line of the Merseyrail network, with regular services to Liverpool and Chester. Several bus routes, including the 437, 22, and 83, serve the town.

How long does it take to walk around the Marine Lake?

The walk around the lake is around 2.3 km and takes under 30 minutes.

West Kirby Marine Lake, West Kirby, Wirral CH48 0QG

Activities at West Kirby Marine Lake

Arlo the Cockerpoo at the Marine Lake.
You can participate in various activities here, including sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, and paddleboarding.

The Marine Lake is a man-made saltwater lake located in West Kirby. It’s a popular spot to visit, with views of the Welsh Hills and the Dee Estuary. The lake covers 52 acres and has a depth of 5 feet; the lake is completely enclosed, providing a safe environment to participate in water sports and other activities for visitors to enjoy. Below are some of the most popular activities available at the lake.

  • Sailing: Sailing is a popular sport at West Kirby Marine Lake. Thanks to its location and consistent winds.
  • Windsurfing: Windsurfing is another popular activity at the lake, thanks to the consistent winds and flat water.
  • Paddleboarding: We love paddleboarding. It is a great way to explore the lake at a slower pace. Whilst still getting in a workout!
  • Kayaking: Kayaking is also a popular activity at West Kirby Marine Lake. Visitors can explore the lake at their own pace.
  • Walking: The path around the Marine Lake separating it from the beach is perfect for a walk, run or cycle. It covers roughly 2 miles and is our go-to for a morning or afternoon stroll.
West Kirby Marine Lake Sailing.
Sailing on the lake at sunset.

West Kirby Sailing Club

The lake is home to the West Kirby Sailing Club, which offers sailing lessons and hosts regular races. It’s a family-friendly club where you can enjoy the fun and challenge of sailing, whatever your level of ability, from those who enjoy sailing at a non-competitive level to those who compete in national and international competitions.

The Wirral Watersports Centre

The Wirral Watersports Centre is based at the lake, offering sailing, windsurfing, and canoeing courses. The highly skilled instructors at Wirral Watersports Centre oversee various water sports activities. In addition to providing courses and activities that can be booked, the centre and lake are also open for individuals to launch their equipment. You can purchase a licence and find more information here.

Is the Marine Lake dog-friendly?

Yes, the Marine Lake is very dog-friendly. It’s a popular spot with dog walkers.

Parking at Marine Lake, West Kirby

Several car parks in West Kirby, including the Dee Lane car park, are located next to the lake. The nearby West Kirby Concourse Leisure Centre also has a car park, a short walk from the lake. Parking charges apply in both car parks. You can park along the promenade for free, but it can get very busy.

There is a car park at the Wirral Watersports Centre on the lake. When you purchase a licence, session or course, you will be given an access code to access the car park; this code will change daily.


West Kirby Marine Lake has toilet facilities available for visitors. The toilets are located near the lake and are easily accessible. They are open during the lake’s operating hours and are regularly cleaned by staff.

Places to eat and drink near to the Marine Lake, West Kirby

There are several great places to eat and drink near West Kirby Marine Lake. Here are a couple of options:

The Wro Lounge

This lounge and bar are located on the Wirral Way, just a short walk from the lake. They offer a range of food and drink options, including cocktails, and have a lovely outdoor seating area. They also feature various events, clubs and live music sessions.

Northwest House, Grange Rd, West Kirby, Wirral CH48 4DY

Soup at The Tap in West Kirby.
Delicious soup at The West Kirby Tap.

West Kirby Tap

This craft beer bar is just a short walk from the lake and offers a range of beers and ciders from local and international breweries. They also have a food menu featuring fantastic pizzas. Perfect for indulging in after a long walk or water sports at the lake.

Grange Rd, West Kirby, Wirral CH48 4DY

Morrisons supermarket is also across from the Marine Lake and a great option if you fancy grabbing a few bits for a picnic.


West Kirby Marine Lake is a beautiful and exciting place to visit, but it is essential to remember that safety should always be a top priority. Visitors should be aware of the potential risks and take precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Visitors engaging in water sports should wear suitable footwear as the marine lake is home to weaver fish with sharp and poisonous barbs.

Water Safety

Marine Lake in West Kirby.
Visitors should always exercise caution when entering the water.

Swimming, boating, and other water sports are popular at West Kirby Marine Lake. However, it is essential to remember that the lake is not a controlled environment. Lifeguards are on duty at West Kirby Beach at peak times of the year; you can find dates, times and more information here.

It is also essential to know the location of emergency equipment, such as life rings and first aid kits, and how to use them in an emergency. Visitors should always exercise caution when entering the water and follow these guidelines:

  • Wear a life jacket when boating or engaging in other water sports.
  • Do not dive or jump into the water from the promenade or other structures.
  • Observe any warning signs or flags indicating unsafe water conditions.

By following these safety guidelines and being aware of potential risks, visitors can enjoy all that West Kirby Marine Lake offers while staying safe and having fun.

This is a beautiful and unique destination that offers a wide range of recreational activities for visitors of all ages. From sailing and kayaking to birdwatching and picnicking, there is something everyone can enjoy. It’s a place we love to spend time throughout the year.

Marine Lake in West Kirby.
We love to spend time here! It’s a beautiful place with so much to offer.

The lake is well-maintained and offers excellent facilities; the surrounding area is also worth exploring, with plenty of shops, restaurants, and attractions nearby. Overall, West Kirby Marine Lake is a fantastic destination for anyone looking to enjoy the great outdoors and experience the natural beauty of the Wirral Peninsula.

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