Cubbin’s Green, how to visit and all you need to know

Cubbin’s Green is a little gem of a spot in Wirral where you can stroll along the beach, picnic, and enjoy the public nature reserve. Here’s all you need to know about Cubbin’s Green and how to visit.

I’ve been visiting Cubbin’s Green since I was little; to me, it feels like a secret spot in Wirral. It’s always a place I recommend to friends to spend time together and especially to watch the sunsets from here. There’s a beach, a nature park, plenty of picnic benches and space. It is located on the Wirral Way and is easy to walk from West Kirby. Here’s how to visit and all you need to know about Cubbin’s Green.

Where is Cubbin’s Green, Wirral?

Cubbin’s Green is a lovely public nature reserve located between the seashore cliff and the Wirral Way, just southeast of Macdona Drive in West Kirby. Thurstaston’s Rangers maintain the area. You can access Cubbin’s Green from the Wirral Way, park nearby, or walk from West Kirby, which has excellent bus and train links.

Cubbin’s Green, West Kirby, Wirral CH48 2JA

History of Cubbin’s Green, Wirral

Before the railway was constructed in 1886, the land mainly consisted of grazing fields. However, the area to the North West, now Wordsworth Walk and Shelley Way, was transformed into a brickyard around 1890. This was probably connected to the railway construction, which required brick-built bridges and used clay extracted from nearby areas. Ponds were left behind after the clay was removed. The brickyard was abandoned in 1910.

Boy playing at Cubbin's Green blue sky.

In addition to the brickyard, another development in the history of Cubbin’s Green was the management of sewage from Caldy. Sewage Tanks were constructed in a sunken area located at the southeast end of the Green between 1910 and 1930. Presumably, sewage was stored and released into the sea through a pipeline during high tide.

Today, the sunken area and the visible pipeline are still present, along with concrete steps leading down into the area. Although a manhole in the sunken area sometimes releases wastewater after storms, the privet hedge that once surrounded the facility is still visible in some places.

Why is Cubbin’s Green named Cubbin’s Green?

In 1964, an area of land ownership at Caldy was passed to the Council by sisters Eveline and Ivy Cubbin. In memory of their parents, William and Mary Jane Cubbin. Under the condition that the land was to be “kept open and unbuilt upon and henceforth shall be known as Cubbin Green”.

Girl walking at Cubbin's Green.

William Cubbin owned a company located on Poulton Bridge Road. It was dedicated to repairing and maintaining tugs, barges, and small watercraft. The company was established in 1902 and advertised its services as ship repairers and engineers, sawmill proprietors, chain and lifting appliance repairs, annealing and testing. They were also proud to be contractors for the Admiralty, War Office, and other government departments. In 1986, Ocean Transport acquired the business.

A prosperous life

Cubbin's Green a local family legacy sign post.

William Cubbin and his wife, Mary Jane, lived a prosperous life. Moving to a large house called Hillcote in Bidston Village, where they raised their four children. William died in 1949, and his wife passed away in 1950. Their two unmarried daughters relocated from Wallasey to a new house called Le Murrie in Melloncroft Drive a year or two before 1958. Around this time, the railway that separated Melloncroft Drive from the cliff-top fields was closed. The last passenger service was in 1956, and the final goods train in 1962. The track was lifted in 1964 and later transformed into a linear park known as the Wirral Way. Initiated in 1968 and opened in 1973.

Cubbin's Green Nature Reserve sunset.

In a gesture of generosity and environmental concern, the two sisters purchased the fields between the cliff and the railway track. To ensure that their house continued to enjoy the stunning sea views. They then donated this land to the Council in 1964, making it available to the public for common use.

Cubbin’s Green Beach / Caldy Beach

Girl walking on Caldey Beach.

Whether playing on the soft sand, paddling, having a BBQ or walking the dog. Caldy Beach / Cubbin’s Green Beach is a lovely place to spend time. It’s one of our absolute favourite places to watch a sunset.

Can I paddle board at Caldy Beach?

Tide in at Caldy Beach.

Caldy Beach is an excellent spot for paddle boarding during the summer months. Many people enjoy this water sport here, but please be cautious and follow all safety advice. Check tide times and weather reports beforehand. Tell someone when you plan to go out on the water and wear a buoyancy aid or life jacket.

If you are not a confident paddleboarder, I recommend using the nearby Marine Lake.

Can you swim at Caldy Beach?

Yes, you can swim at Caldy Beach. We often see people swimming here. Check tide times weather and only swim within the yellow and red RNLI flags. Be aware of soft mud, and follow all safety advice for the area.

If you get into difficulty, call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

West Kirby RNLI’s Facebook Page is very useful for updates.

Can you BBQ at Cubbin’s Green / Caldy Beach?

Cubbin's Green Beach Playing in Sand.

Yes, you can BBQ at Cubbin’s Green; just be mindful and keep BBQs off the grass. If you like to BBQ on Wirral’s beaches, the council allows this as long as you clean up afterwards. Always take your rubbish away and dispose of everything correctly so everyone can enjoy the area! Nearby, Thurstaston, just a short walk along the Wirral Way, has dedicated BBQ spaces too.

Where can I park when visiting Cubbin’s Green?

We usually park on Macdona Drive; there is usually plenty of space to do this safely and considerately to residents. Avoid parking here at peak times; park in West Kirby and walk if possible for you.

There is also a car park near Croft Drive, Wirral Country Park / Caldy Car Park. From here, you can access Cubbin’s Green and the Wirral Way.

Cubbin’s Green parking

Is there anywhere to eat near Cubbin’s Green?

There are several places to eat near Cubbin’s Green in West Kirby. We love Slinkys Cafe Bar, which has recently reopened and is fab for a light lunch, cake, drinks, or a bowl of scouse after a winter walk. We also visit The Wro quite often for great food and drinks. The outside area is popular in the summertime. Another excellent cafe is Hannah’s; it’s a friendly spot, and we love their breakfast options. We recommend their pancakes!

Caldy Village, Dee Estuary & Cubbins Green Circular

Circular Walk Cubbin's Green.

4.3km | Takes roughly 1 hour | Easy route

This walk includes Cubbin’s Green, which is great for you to consider and explore the area. This is a lovely, easy Alltrails route. It boasts breathtaking views from Caldy Hill, which looks out over the Dee Estuary to Hilbre Island and beyond into the North Sea. Caldy Village has sandstone buildings and expansive properties. The village green is adorned with beautiful flowers during the spring and summer months—the Wirral Way and, of course, Cubbin’s Green.

Follow the full trail here.

Cubbin’s Green is a beautiful and peaceful park spot in Wirral where you can spend time. I hope I answered any questions you had about Cubbin’s Green. You can let me know in the comments.

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