Thurstaston Beach, how to visit and all you need to know

My favourite thing about living in Wirral is the access to so many beautiful beaches! Thurstaston Beach is a really special place. Here’s Thurstaston Beach, all you need to know.

Are you looking for the perfect beach to visit? Look no further than the Wirral! With its dreamy selection of sandy beaches, there’s something for everyone. Thurstaston Beach is possibly my favourite beach in Wirral, me and my little boy call it our ‘secret beach’ because it feels just that. A secret!

Thurstaston Beach.
Thurstaston Beach in all its glory!

It’s not as easily accessible as the other beaches, but you will feel a million miles away from Wirral here. If you’re a photography enthusiast, you’re in luck – the sunsets here are just breathtaking.

Why visit Thurstaston Beach?

Girl Watching Sunset at Thurstaston Beach.
My favourite spot to watch a sunset is the cliff above Thurstaston Beach.
  • Sandy and shingle beach.
  • There is plenty of parking nearby.
  • Picnic and BBQ areas nearby.
  • Steep walk down to the beach or slipway access.

Thurstaston Beach feels so quiet and peaceful; it doesn’t get anywhere near as busy as the other Wirral beaches. It is situated on the sandy banks of the Dee Estuary, offering views of Wales and the Clwydian Hills. Resting at the base of clay cliffs, this beautiful beach boasts stretches of sand and shingle.

Thurstaston Beach, CH61 0HN

Access to Thurstaston Beach

Steps at Thurstaston Beach.
Steps down to Thurstaston Beach.

Please be aware the path to the beach is accessible through a couple of sets of steep stairs that we’ve discovered are still doable even with little ones in tow. Just be prepared to carry them back up once they’ve worn themselves out from all the fun! A slipway is located further down the shore next to the caravan park, and there is limited parking there.

Is there parking for Thurstaston Beach?

Thurstaston beach toddler.
Happy place!

Thurstaston Beach has a large car park with over 100 visitor spaces. However, during peak season and weekends, the car park can get busy quickly. There is also parking at the Wirral Country Park.

Thurstaston Country Park Car Park, Station Rd, Wirral CH61 0HN

As you head to the beach’s northern side, you will come to the Dee Sailing Club along Station Road. There is also parking here; check the signage here before parking. And always park with consideration for others.

Dee Sailing Club Station Rd, Wirral CH61 0HN

You can walk to Thurstaston from West Kirby via the Wirral Way

Thurstaston Beach.

47 min (2.2 miles)

Also running behind the beach is the Wirral Way. This 12-mile walking trail follows the old railway line that closed with the Beeching cuts in the early 1960s. The route runs alongside the Dee before heading inland to Hooton.

If you’re up for a nice walk, you can quickly get to Thurstaston from West Kirby by taking the Wirral Way. It’s a great way to get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air. Just make sure to wear comfortable shoes and bring some water with you!

Follow the route.

Can you swim at Thurstaston Beach?

Swimming here is not recommended. The area is marked with warning signs. The presence of strong, fast-moving tides and deep mud-like sand are additional hazards that visitors should be cautious of, and it’s wise to think twice before venturing out too far into the estuary.

Click here for tide times.

Wildlife at Thurstaston Beach

It looks out over the River Dee and is an estuary beach, so Thurstaston attracts birds and varied marine wildlife, including even occasional sightings of basking sharks.

Thurstaston Common.
We love a walk around Thurstaston Common.

Wildlife at Thurstaston Common

Thurstaston Common is an area of parklands, wood, and heath, covering almost 250 acres between Frankby and Thurstaston. The National Trust and the Metropolitan Borough of Wirral jointly own this beautiful common. It is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and a local nature reserve. The common is underlain by Triassic sandstone, and the varied habitats include wet and dry heaths, marshy grassland, and deciduous woodland with birch and oak trees.

Thurstaston Common view.
Thurstaston Common.

Thurstaston Common is rich in birdlife, including sparrowhawk, tawny owl, great spotted woodpecker, lesser spotted woodpecker, Eurasian jay, redpoll, and linnet, which breed here. The common has many paths that crisscross the woodland, open sandstone, and heathland areas, making it an excellent destination for hikers. You can access the common from the car park off Telegraph Road and via Royden Park.

Thurstaston Common Car Park, Wirral CH61 0HH

Is Thurstaston Beach dog-friendly?

Yes, Thurstaston beach is dog-friendly.

Flissy’s Coffee Shop.
I especially love Flissy’s vibrant outdoor seating area. Image from Facebook.

Is there a cafe near to Thurstaston Beach?

Yes, Flissy’s Coffee Shop is a great cafe by the beach that offers an extensive menu with plenty of options for everyone, including kids and even your dog. They have amazing vegan and vegetarian dishes, as well as gluten-free treats. I especially love their vibrant outdoor seating area. The staff are warm and welcoming, and the food is always presented well and delicious. This cafe has indeed won my heart!

Find more information here.

What’s near to Thurstaston Beach?

Wirral Country Park.
Wirral Country Park.

The Wirral Country Park

Next to the beach, you’ll find Wirral Country Park, a beautiful parkland with woodland, plenty of grass space and picnic areas. You’ll find designated BBQ spots at the park on Station Road, which you can use freely or book in advance during peak season. Additionally, a visitor centre is close to the Wirral Way, making it a great stop point on longer walks. If you’re looking for refreshments, as mentioned above, Flissy’s Coffee Shop is next to the park’s car park, just off the Wirral Way.

The Wirral Country Park, Station Rd, Thurstaston, Wirral CH61 0HN

Visit Church Farm 

Church Farm is nearby if you fancy a full day out. It’s a lovely and well-maintained family-run farm. It is a great place for kids to learn about and get up close and personal with animals. It has a cute café, incredible views, and lots of fresh produce for sale.

Church Farm, Church Ln, Thurstaston, Wirral CH61 0HW

Visit Thor’s Rock

Within the woodland of Thurstaston Common lies a large red sandstone that has captured the intrigue of many generations – Thor’s Rock. I’ve heard several colourful legends surrounding Thor’s Rock’s origins. Some believe Thor struck the rock with his hammer, while others suggest it was a place of Viking worship. However, the rock is most likely a natural formation called a tor, formed due to quarrying and the natural weathering of the area.

Although the mysteries surrounding the rock remain, it is a known fact that Vikings settled on the Wirral during the 9th century. Many local place names have been derived from Viking origins, such as Thurstaston, which means “village of a man called Thorsteinn” in Old Norse.

Thor’s Rock, Thurstaston, Wirral CH61 0HH

Stay near Thurstaston Beach, Wirral Country Park Club Campsite

You can stay at the Wirral Country Park Club Campsite. The campsite spans 2,000 acres and features several pitching areas, all of which are beautifully separated by trees and shrubs. Some pitches even offer views of the Dee Estuary; it’s an ideal spot for families, cyclists, and walkers. This campsite is conveniently located for those planning to visit Liverpool or explore North Wales.

Find more information here.

The old pier at Thurstaston Beach.
The old pier at Thurstaston Beach.

Thurstaston Beach is perfect for a day out with family and friends or an afternoon stroll. I hope you have found this article helpful and that it helped you plan a visit to Thurstaston Beach. You can let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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