Outdoor activities in Wirral for children

Getting children outside can be, well, let’s say, a challenge! Here is a selection of outdoor activities for children in Wirral that my child loves.

I’m not a stay-at-home person, but like most children, my son would happily lie on the sofa all day watching cartoons and screaming, “Mum, I need a snack!” at me…if I let him. Luckily, he has an adventurous side, loves creativity, and thrives on exploring nature. Wirral has a perfect mix of woodland, countryside, and beaches to explore, and there is so much to do outdoors with children. Here is a selection of outdoor activities in Wirral for children.

Mum and son on West Kirby Beach at sunset.
Wirral sunsets are extraordinary!

A few benefits of getting outdoors with children;

  • Getting outdoors and enjoying the fresh air feels good, but it also benefits your child’s mental and physical health. Outdoor activities healthily release all that built-up energy, whether you’re just at the local park or on a further adventure.
  • Spending time outdoors also raises Vitamin D levels, which is proven to help reduce depression and anxiety.
  • Time outdoors is time away from routines and everyday life, which can be very calming for children. Most of all, it’s fun and a great way to spend quality time with your child.

Follow a nature checklist and spot fairies, Vale Park

Vale Park Fairy Village.
Fairies at Vale Park.

Nature checklists or scavenger hunts are how I have gotten my son outside since he was tiny. They are engaging and exciting for curious children. It’s the easiest way to enjoy an outdoor activity together, and it costs very little if anything at all. You can print off a nature checklist or scavenger hunt online (Pinterest is full of great ones) or make one together and list the things you think you might spot. Sometimes, we even take a bag and collect interesting bits of nature, such as leaves, twigs, and pinecones.

You can do this in virtually any outdoor space, but we suggest heading to Vale Park in Wirral for a little extra sprinkle of magic. It’s a lovely park full of imagination, creativity and views of the River Mersey. A Fairy Village is here, which is enjoyable for children to explore. My son will try to spot the fairies and create stories about them. A bandstand at this park hosts events and outdoor theatre shows, a children’s play area, and plenty of space for a picnic.

Click here for downloadable nature checklists and scavenger hunts.

Picnic on the beach with the freedom to play, Thurstaston Beach

Thurstaston Beach.
Having fun at Thurstaston Beach.

This one is for the warmer evenings. One of our favourite parks in Wirral will always be Wirral Country Park. The views from here over the Dee Estuary are just beautiful. We love to wander around the park searching for wildlife amongst the ponds and in the fields before heading down to the beach for a picnic, BBQ, or running around and playing.

The walk down to the beach is quite steep but only takes a few minutes and has been easily managed by my child since he was around three. It’s not suitable for prams. It can get busy at peak times at the park; however, the beach is never overly busy as it’s not as easily accessible as other Wirral beaches. It’s a bit of a hidden gem!

We are fortunate to live close to a beach, and we like to make the most of it, rain or shine! So whenever things feel overwhelming or stuck inside, we grab a bucket and a spade and head to the beach to rockpool, paddle and take in the sea air. The change in scenery makes my son feel calm and happy. Church Farm in Thurstaston is a great place to entertain the kids for a day.

Click here for 6 reasons why you should visit Church Farm.

Click here for more information about Thurstaston Beach.

Bike ride along the Wirral Way

The Wirral Way path.
Walking the Wirral Way is a great outdoor activity in Wirral for children.

The Wirral Way is a 12-mile-long walking or cycle route with a separate horse-riding route on an old railway track from West Kirby to Hooton. We like to cycle a small section at a time or walk, stop for a picnic, spot wildlife, and admire views.

The Wirral Way is perfect for children learning to ride their bikes; it’s away from busy roads and safe enough to let them go for it. Just take caution, as it can be busy at the weekends, so watch out for other cyclists.

Click here to learn more about the Wirral Way trail.

Join in a Forest School session, Birkenhead

Forest School Session In Birkenhead.
Forest school session at Grow Wellbeing in Birkenhead.

My son loves a Forest School session. Like a lot of children, he thrives on learning outdoors. We have taken part in a few different Forest School sessions across Wirral. One of our favourites was with GROW-Wellbeing. This not-for-profit organisation delivers creative, personally affirmative opportunities for children, young people, and adults to engage in activities in the natural environment.

They use forest learning, creative arts, storytelling, nature studies, outdoor adventures, games, play, and eco-therapy. They aim to support the growth and development of resilient children and young people committed to the future stewardship of the natural environment.

Walk to Little Eye or Hilbre Island, West Kirby

Girl sat down at Hilbre Island looking out at sea.
View of Hilbre Island. Visiting Hilbre Island is a great outdoor activity in Wirral for children.

West Kirby Beach is a pretty and peaceful place to visit. The beach is easy to access, and plenty of parking is nearby. You will see Hilbre Island in the distance at West Kirby, and you can walk to it to try to spot seals.

The islands are an archipelago and are one of just 43 unbridged tidal islands in the UK that can be reached on foot from the mainland. Please check the tide times and research the safe crossing before you visit. Tide tables can be purchased locally and displayed at the Dee Lane slipway.

My son loves visiting Hilbre Island; he’s seven years old. It’s a long day, a long walk and something we always like to plan. It’s important to remember there are no shops or fresh water on the islands and very little shelter. Plan and pack your bags accordingly, wear suitable footwear, check the weather, and dress appropriately.

Click here for Hilbre Island time times.

Click here to learn more about West Kirby Beach and how to get to Hilbre Island.

Go paddleboarding on the Marine Lake, West Kirby

Paddle boarding at the Marine lake in West Kirby.
We love paddleboarding at the Marine Lake in West Kirby.

West Kirby Marine Lake is a unique spot that covers 52 acres and has a lovely promenade. You can participate in various activities there, such as sailing, kayaking, birdwatching, and paddleboarding.

If you’re not confident paddle boarding with your child or don’t fancy getting on the water, don’t worry. We enjoy walking around the promenade just as much, particularly when the sun sets or spending a leisurely afternoon crabbing with the kids.

For those who prefer to stay on land, there are plenty of benches where you can relax, devour fish and chips and appreciate the breathtaking views of North Wales in the distance.

Click here to learn more about the Marine Lake in West Kirby.

Get lost in the Maze at Brimstage Farm, Brimstage

Brimstage Farm is a great way to spend time outdoors.
Brimstage Farm maze is fun for children and a great way to spend time outdoors.

The farm has been creating mazes for families for over 20 years! They offer a range of exciting summer activities that cater to the whole family.

Your ticket gets you access to the maze and the farm’s facilities, including an indoor soft play centre called Maizy’s Play Barn, a sandpit, massive jumping pillows, splashers, crazy golf, zip lines and more. The Farmhouse Kitchen serves delicious meals, and there is an ice cream parlour, too. It’s a lovely day out for children.

Click here to learn more about the maze at Brimstage Farm.

Get competitive at Championship Adventure Golf

Get competitive at Championship Adventure Golf.
We love getting competitive at crazy golf with the family.

We always get a little competitive when it comes to crazy golf! Championship Adventure Golf is located outdoors in New Brighton.

You can choose to play either one or both of the courses available. Play on either the Famous Golf Holes Course or Landmarks Course, which features 18 adventurous holes inspired by Wirral’s landmarks and attractions from the past and present.

This outdoor activity is fun for all age groups and abilities, and all the equipment needed to play is provided. Plus you can explore New Brighton after visiting.

Click here to learn more about Championship Adventure Golf.

I hope this selection of outdoor activities in Wirral has inspired you to try them out with your children. All of these activities allow me to be present with my child. They are an excellent way to spend quality time together. If you have participated in any of these activities, please let me know in the comments. I would love to hear about your experiences and see people enjoying our beautiful home.

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