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Church Farm in Wirral, 6 reasons you should visit

6 reasons to visit Church Farm.

Thurstaston is our favourite place to spend time in Wirral. It boasts ancient woodland, hides a secretive beach, and homes Church Farm. Here are 6 reasons why you should visit Church Farm in Wirral. I have lived in Wirral pretty much my entire life and spent countless hours exploring Thurstaston. The beach here is mine … Read more

UK destinations that are perfect for kids and adults

Destinations for adults and children.

I love to travel around the UK. We are lucky to have breathtaking coastlines, ancient woodland and dreamy lakes to explore. After travelling around the UK with my son, I found these UK destinations perfect for kids and adults. I often get asked about my favourite places I have been to in the UK for … Read more

What are the benefits of journaling?

5 benefits of journaling.

Are you thinking about keeping a journal? There are so many benefits of journaling, ranging from helping you reduce stress to helping you achieve your goals. Here are 5 benefits of journaling. Journaling is very simply just writing down your thoughts and feelings. It’s free, easy, and often therapeutic. There is an unbelievable range of … Read more

Places that will inspire you to write, 5 of my favourite

Places to inspire you to write.

Are you after a bit of writing inspiration? I have picked out 5 places that will inspire you to write. As writers, we don’t need to travel to get inspiration to write. We can get inspiration simply from people watching throughout the day, wandering through a local park, or even doing the dishes. (Some of … Read more

5 reasons to travel WITHOUT your child

5 reasons to travel without your child.

Please don’t shout at me! I love travelling with or without my little boy. I’m in a very fortunate position where I can do both regularly. Here are 5 reasons to travel without your child. When I tell people I’m going away for a few days without my son. The response can be, let’s say, … Read more